samedi 22 juin 2013

Exquisite corpses with Sheela Singla

"Joinings "  Pencils on paper / 2008 /I started on top...

                                      "Miss Helium sublimated above mycelium " /2008 / Pencils on paper / She started on left side, I completed..

                                   "Celestial dynasty" / 3 way Exquisite Corpse with JanelleMcKain (middle) and Sheela Singla ( bottom) ; I started it on top....
                                              "Leaf-life"/ she started on top.../ Pencils on paper 2008 

3 ways EC / Janelle McKain (center) Sheela Singla (Right)  I completed on the left...(2009)

"Communication breakdown" She started on the bottom half / pencils 2011

"Wrapped surround"  A 4 panels exquisite corpse /
I drew the bottom left and top right sections, covered my drawing except for small strips along the top left and bottom right edges, and Sheela completed the top left and bottom right sections. (2010)

"Land escapes" She started on the left side.... Pencils on paper /2011

                                  "Deity"   She completed on lower half / Pencils on card / 2011

"Strange fruits" I started on top / pencils on paper / 2011

"Strange dating" She started on the left....Pencilson paper /2012

"Memories" I started on the middle third, she completed on both sides.../ Pencils 2012

"Floating" She started on the top / pencils on paper /2012

"wait and sea" She started on the right side...Pencils on paper 2013

                                                "Untitled" I started on top / Pencils on paper /2013

"Exquisite corpse 15 / I started on top / pencils on paper 2011

"Tnagled grip" I started on top...pencils on card / 2011

"Candy from strangers " I started on top / pencils on paper / 2008

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